Prestige Turbo Yeast

This Turbo yeast ferments quickly to 14% within days and is temperature tolerant enough for use with both simple Amazing Stills and more advanced fractional stills. Ideal for people new to distilling looking to maximize the efficiency of their equipment and equipment purchases.

Turbo Pure 48 can efficiently ferment 6-8 kg of sugar in a 25L wash in as little as two days, as its purified fermentation system contains the lowest volatile production yeast available, special anti-volatile agents and nutrients and minerals to promote rapid fermentation. Highly temperature tolerant, it can even withstand ambient temperatures up to 95 degrees but works better at lower temperatures. In addition, 15% Trehalose acts as a ‘protectant’ sugar that helps your yeast cells withstand sudden osmotic shock or high temperature when introduced into new sugar solutions – helping the yeast cell stand firmer against sudden osmotic shock or high temperatures when introduced into new sugar solutions.

Use of this yeast is recommended with dextrose, glucose or fructose-based mashes; sucrose (ordinary white household sugar or castor sugar) cannot tolerate its high osmotic pressure concentration in such solutions and must be watered down accordingly to reduce pressure in the mash. Adding additional water can also help lower its pressure levels in this instance.

It is vital that Turbo yeast be added directly into a sugar solution without first being soaked; other brands require this step for best results. Soaking can have adverse effects on yeast cells by changing their osmotic pressure inside of each cell differently from outside, leading to cell rupture and explosion; which is why we always advise using low sugar solutions when using Turbo yeast.