Aromhuset Drink Mix For Book Clubs

Aromhuset drink mix for book clubs

No matter what book club novel your club is reading, or simply looking for something refreshing while discussing last chapter, Aromhuset has you covered with their delicious drink recipes that make for perfect companions. Their simple instructions outline all ingredients and steps needed for each drink as well as any necessary tools or glassware required – and provide even a timeline when the drinks should be enjoyed; such as after finishing a book that had you hooked from start to finish! Their Pineapple + Jalapeno Smoothie should be enjoyed after you complete it all!

Make life simpler by prepping pineapple juice + jalapeno in advance in a large mason jar with slices of jalapenos and ice, ready for pouring when cocktail time arrives! (This method also works great for non-alcoholic options such as Black Cherry Water.) Don’t forget book-inspired garnishes; whether that be Maharani cocktails inspired by Alka Joshi’s The Secret Keeper of Jaipur or some simple Blackberry Water from Sarah Penner’s The Lost Apothecary; these drinks will be surefire hits among your book club members!