Sip on a true masterpiece with hangar one vodka

Masterpieces are not only created to adorn walls or floors of museums since you can also discover edible masterpieces in the form of alcoholic drinks and you too can now sip on a true masterpiece with hangar one vodka. This hand made vodka is made by expert craftsmen that believe that only natural ingredients mixed with manual fermenting and distilling processes can result in truly great vodka.

Hangar One is an 80 proof or 40 percent strength vodka made by Hangar One Distillers located in California, which is home to some of the best fruits and grains in the USA. This delightful vodka is first made by fermenting and distilling vodka made with wheat before adding fresh fruits to provide a unique flavor, aroma and character to each variant. The company is located in an abandoned aircraft hangar that was once the Alameda Naval Air Station and hence the name. The creators of hangar one still use traditional pot distilleries to create some of the best straight and flavored vodka that money can buy and you too are sure to be impressed with the natural taste that explodes in your mouth with each sip of their vodka products.

You can choose from a wide range of hangar one vodka beverages such as Straight Vodka, Citron Buddha’s Hand, Mandarin Blossom, Kaffir Lime, or their seasonal Spiced Pear and Fraser River Raspberry. Each flavor is sure to intrigue your tongue as well as your senses as you try to decipher the natural ingredients used in this smooth vodka. You can drink these vodkas directly or also use them in other vodka recipes to add your own unique twist to these masterpieces. Hangar One is available in the premium category due to the high costs involved in using real fruits and the manual alcohol production methods used by the company although your taste buds might surely agree that this is money well spent every time you sip on their unique liquid creations.

If you are a true vodka enthusiast then you would have instantly realized the importance of using natural ingredients as well as traditional pot distilling methods to derive vodka with high alcohol strength. If you also love to make your own vodka at home then you would have also noticed that ordinary vodka yeast simply cannot deliver strong ethanol since it might simply die in strong alcohol. What you require is hardy yeast such as turbo yeast that is infused with micro nutrients to fortify this variant of the saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast against strong alcohol and high temperatures. The result would be ethanol with very high strength that can be further strengthened during the distillation process. Your end product will certainly be a lot stronger and purer as compared to vodka made from ordinary yeast. By choosing the right yeast in the form of turbo yeast, you too can create your own masterpieces just like the folks at hangar one.

If you love straight vodka or flavored vodka made using simply the best in natural ingredients as well as made in traditional post stills then you should look no further than hangar one. This company places more importance on delivering smooth, strong and natural vodka instead of relying on marketing gimmicks or artificial flavoring. You too can now sip on a true masterpiece with hangar one vodka while also improving your own home-made creations with the help of tough yeast variants such as turbo yeast.

Say cheers to good health with gluten free alcohol

If you are allergic to the presence of gluten in food and drinks then you can still enjoy alcoholic beverages and you can certainly say cheers to good health with gluten free alcohol. There are several alcoholic beverages that do not contain gluten in any form and you can now sip such beverages with your loved ones without the fear of agitating your intestines.

Gluten is a protein found in most grains such as wheat, rye, barley, oats, and many others that are commonly used in everyday life. However, while most people can easily digest this protein, a select few develop an allergy to this protein over the years and their intestines simply swell up in revolt whenever gluten enters their bodies. This is also known as Celiac Disease and if you are one unhappy patient then you can still enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages without any worries.

Most alcoholic drinks do contain some form of grains that are fermented into ethanol by using yeast that results in saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation, which incidentally is the name of the yeast that is commonly used for ethanol fermentation. Thus while beer is made using malted barley, maize or wheat, whiskey too uses the same grains before it is fermented, distilled and packed in attractive bottles. If you drink any of these alcoholic beverages then you are sure to suffer from swollen intestines and acute indigestion that might simply throw cold water on your high spirits.

However, you need not worry any more since there are several drinks and several gluten free versions of most alcoholic drinks that have now started to appear to cater to worried drinkers all around the globe. While there are only a few beer brands that make gluten free beer, other gluten free alcohol drinks such as most wines and many other stronger alcoholic beverages certainly offer a healthy choice for sipping on various drinks without suffering any consequences. The distilling process employed in manufacturing most strong alcohols and spirits such as scotch whiskey, rum, vodka, champagne, etc make them gluten-free by the time they are poured into your glass. You should however, carefully read labels on any alcoholic beverage that you plan to consume before you purchase it.

Strong alcoholic drinks need much more than sugar fermentation to turn the mixture of water with various fruits, vegetables or grains into heady drinks with high alcohol strength. Distillation involves heating the fermented mixture until they vaporize before converting those vapors back into liquid form through condensation. Repeated distillation can provide for stronger alcohols and spirits although the best possible yeast such as turbo yeast can ensure that the alcohol fermentation process itself delivers a strong alcohol base to distill in the first place.

Turbo yeast belongs to the saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast family but has been fortified with micro nutrients to empower it with amazing alcohol tolerance as well as temperature tolerance properties. The result is perfect fermentation that can be further perfected with efficient distillation that can help remove traces of gluten so as to offer you a gluten free alcohol with high alcohol strength and perfect character to please your senses.

If your intestines swell at the very mention of gluten then you need not spend the rest of your life in alcoholic-celibacy since you now have a wide choice of alcoholic beverages that are free from gluten. You too can now say cheers to good health with gluten free alcohol by sipping on drinks that have been made without any gluten-containing-ingredients or distilled to gluten-free perfection.