Prestige Turbo Yeast and Sourdough

Prestige Turbo Yeast and sourdough

Yeast can only function effectively in an environment rich in essential nutrients, and any reduction can lead to stuck or impure fermentations. This could happen for various reasons such as using an inappropriate strain of yeast, not adding enough nutrients, and/or the temperature being too high in solution.

Failures often stem from ineffective storage or reuse of old yeast. Old, dried Turbo Yeast has depleted levels of phospholipids – an essential cell membrane stabilizer – making the new yeast much more vulnerable to external influences and likely to stop fermenting altogether.

Turbo Pure 48 yeast boasts exceptionally low levels of volatile-producing yeast and offers an array of powerful nutrients and anti-volatile agents, making it suitable for use across all still types ranging from the basic Amazing Still to advanced fractional stills. In just two to three days it will ferment 6-8 kg of sugar to 14% alcohol within a 25 liter batch – perfect for fermenting any sugar or starchy mash mash!