Prestige Turbo Yeast and Storage

Prestige Turbo Yeast and storage

Prestige Turbo Yeast is Ireland’s best selling turbo yeast, producing 23L of 23% ABV alcohol in just 7 days! Packaged in an attractive foil sachet and nitrogen flushed to maintain optimal conditions, its contents stay fresh and meet long shelf life specifications.

Unique combination of yeast nutrients and anti-fungal agents designed to facilitate clean fermentation. Can be directly mixed into your sugar water solution without pre-soaking; unlike some types of turbo yeast that need soaking first. Soaking dry yeast causes osmotic shock which kills it quickly resulting in stuck fermentation processes.

This product’s nutrient blend includes high levels of Trehalose to give your yeast internal strength and protection from osmotic shock, while simultaneously helping your fermentation finish faster by reducing volatile products production. Furthermore, its temperature tolerance enables it to ferment up to 14% ABV with 6 kg of sugar within 48 hours and 18% ABV with 8 kg in just 5 days! Furthermore, its highest osmotic tolerance (of any turbo yeast) as well as world’s highest temperature tolerance makes this Turbo Yeast unique among turbo yeast.

Bettina Malles and Helge Schmickls’ Artisan Distilling School instructions and recipes in their book “The Art of Artisan Distilling” use this yeast for their mash and alco base recipes; it works very well but may not extract fruit Schnapps flavors properly.