Check vodka proof levels before you buy any brand of vodka

If you are a happy novice that wants to explore the wonderful world of vodka then you should surely check vodka proof levels before you buy any brand of vodka. Vodka is a strong spirit that can provide great taste and a wonderful buzz but only if your body and senses can handle the amount of alcohol in this delightful alcoholic spirit.

Vodka is created after several processes that involve mixing of various key ingredients that include wheat or rye, potatoes, rice, corn, sugar beet, or grapes along with water. This mixture or mash is then fermented using special vodka yeast that is robust enough to keep on fermenting in high temperatures as well as high alcohol levels. The resultant mixture is then distilled where vapors are converted back into strong alcohol or ethanol or in this case, vodka. The distillation process is repeated again and sometimes up to 5 times to produce extremely strong, smooth, and pure vodka that provides a heady punch with the very first sip.

Most vodkas are made within 35 to 50 percent alcohol strength range, with most manufacturers opting for 40 percent alcohol strength. To calculate vodka proof levels you simply need to double the alcohol strength levels and so 40 percent translates to 80 proof levels. You should stick to these proof levels if you are an avid novice and should especially use such vodkas in various vodka recipes to further dilute this heady spirit until your senses welcomes it with an open mind. A few brands of vodka can cause uncomfortable hangovers and you should make sure that your body and senses get accustomed to this alcoholic beverage before trying out stronger vodkas.

A few vodka producers do distill overproof vodka liquor that range from around 100 to 150 vodka proof levels. Some countries do not allow the manufacture, import, and consumption of overproof vodka and you should be aware of these facts, especially if you plan to buy vodka online from stores that might be located in another country. You should also infuse such strong vodkas in various vodka cocktails until your system is ready to drink it straight up or on the rocks. You should also remember that extremely strong vodka might also lose some of its smoothness and might simply burn your innards as it flows down your throat. A better idea would be to opt for normal premium vodka that could be distilled and filtered several times to provide you with ultimate smoothness and a unique character, even though it might turn out to be expensive vodka as compared to other brands of vodka.

It is also very important to keep an eye on proof levels of vodka, especially if you plan to mix it with other liquors or liqueurs to create a delicious vodka recipe. Such a recipe would enhance the total strength of the final martini vodka or any other recipe and thus a little effort would go a long way to ensure that you enjoy all your vodka recipes without facing any dangerous or embarrassing side-effects.

Vodka is truly a potent spirit with a smooth character and neutral taste. It can be consumed in plain form or can also be enjoyed as flavored vodka although checking the strength of the vodka brand before pouring it into a vodka glass or using it in various recipes would help you to enjoy that heady buzz instead of losing physical and mental control. You should certainly check vodka proof levels before you buy any brand of vodka so as to enjoy sipping on your favorite spirit in a safe manner.