Enjoy sipping this wonderful long vodka recipe at length

If you possess adventurous taste buds that love to experience new tastes in the world of vodka then you will surely enjoy sipping this wonderful long vodka recipe at length. This Scottish recipe has now crossed borders to enthrall the entire globe with its unique citrus flavor.

While vodka is indeed strong spirit usually available with around 40 percent alcohol strength or 80 vodka proof, it is quite flavorless when sipped in neat form. However, this wonderfully potent drink is always ready to be infused with several other ingredients so as to enhance the taste of all products involved in the recipe. You can thus create excellent cocktails and martini vodkas by infusing plain or even flavored vodka into those recipes.

You can also sip on vodka made from wheat or potato vodka based on your preferences and can enjoy this smooth and heady drink straight from the bottle or on the rocks. If you love different fruits then you can also infuse them into your chosen vodka brand. For example you can certainly create delicious raspberry martini by adding raspberries, among other ingredients into the best vodka that you feel is suitable for your palate. There are several other recipes too that have originated from various countries and can truly please your taste buds with the very first sip. You can anyway have a really good time as you try to seek out vodka combinations that truly please your palate.

Once such recipe that is sure to get your lips smacking in appreciation is the long vodka recipe from Scotland. This vodka cocktail is quite easy to prepare and the resultant taste is simple fantastic. You will firstly need to rinse a vodka glass with Angostura Bitters or simply spray a few drops into the glass. The next step is to add lime cordial or simply squeeze in half a lime into the glass while also coating the rim of the glass with the same to provide that initial zesty punch to your lips. The final step is to add one or two shots of your favorite vodka brand along with ice and soda or lemonade to complete your recipe. This zingy recipe will surely refresh your senses as soon as your lips touch your vodka glass.

Once you get comfortable with your standard long vodka recipe then you can also experiment with citrus flavored vodka to save on time as well as add a unique dimension to your recipe. Over time, you could even serve up this delicious recipe to your close friends when you invite them over to your home for a party. Your different variants of this wonderful recipe will soon earn you the reputation of possessing excellent bartending skills even as you prepare this wonderful drink within a matter of minutes. You can also try to blend in different brands of premium vodka such as russian standard vodka or grey goose, among several others to happily check on which vodka is best suitable for your taste buds.

Since vodka is largely neutral by taste, it can certainly be used in several vodka recipes that heighten the flavors of all ingredients involved in delivering a strong and smooth vodka drink. If your mind and palate is open to delicious new recipes then you will certainly enjoy sipping this wonderful long vodka recipe at length with your loved ones.