Relax with a stoli vodka in your hand

If you truly want to take the stress out of a hard week at work then you can surely relax with a stoli vodka in your hand. This smooth and delicious Russian vodka will soothe your taste buds even while providing a light and pleasant buzz to your senses.

Stolichnaya as this vodka is better known in Russia was introduced to the Russian vodka market more than 60 years ago and has now spread vigorously to the rest of the globe. You will truly be floored by the extremely wide range of products offered by this innovative company. The most famous product of the Stoli stable is the Stolichnaya Red vodka that is offered at 80 vodka proof levels. This wonderful vodka exudes a subtle flavor of aniseed and walnuts along with a sweet aroma that is sure to remind you of white pepper along with butter and sweet cream. Another version with a slightly premium taste is the Stoli gold while another slightly stronger version of this classic vodka is the Stolichnaya Blue that is available at 100 proof level.

You can enjoy most plain versions of stoli vodka right out of the bottle or can also infuse them in creating several delicious vodka cocktails since this smooth and subtle vodka is perfect to create a wonderful martini vodka or any other recipe within a matter of minutes. If you are an avid fan of flavored vodka then again stoli will certainly not disappoint you since you will be able to choose from several mouthwatering flavors such as citrus, raspberry, cranberry, apple, peach, orange, vanilla, wild cherry, blackberry, blueberry, pomegranate, and several more to truly get your taste buds in a tizzy. You can simply allow these flavored vodkas to flow over cubes of ice and sip on them after a tough week at work to enjoy each wonderful flavor at leisure, and can also include these flavored delights in various other complex vodka recipes to further enhance their flavors.

On the top end of the stoli vodka range lies the Stoli Elit that is available in a stunning black vodka bottle. This lightly spiced vodka will surely appeal to your senses with its velvety texture and smooth character. Although this is an expensive vodka variant, you can certainly try it out on special occasions to truly experience one of the best vodka drinks that is produced out of wheat and rye in Russia. If you want to browse through the entire range of Stolichnaya vodka as well as get excellent deals then you can easily scour the internet to land up at reliable vodka online stores that stock this wonderful brand of vodka and dispatch them to your home once you confirm your online order. You can also turn their flavored vodka into an attractive vodka gift and earn praises from your loved ones once they sip on any of the flavored delights made by stoli.

If your mission is to lay your lips on some of the best vodkas on the globe that can truly satiate your taste buds as well as your senses with the very first sip then this Russian brand will satisfy you on all counts. This Russian company offers a mind-boggling range of premium plain and flavored vodkas to please your palate and you can certainly relax with a stoli vodka in your hand after a tough week at work.