Savor the wonderful flavor of potato vodka

If you are allergic to gluten products or want to experience vodkas made from ingredients other than wheat then you can truly savor the wonderful flavor of potato vodka. This type of vodka is made by several vodka brands including premium ones and you will surely love the unique character of potatoes once they are fermented and distilled into delicious vodka drinks.

Vodka is made from several key ingredients including wheat, potatoes, corn, sugar beet, rice, soya beans, or several other ingredients depending on the abundance of those ingredients in that particular region or country. For example, several regions in countries such as Poland, USA, Canada, and several other countries in Europe make some of the best vodkas from potatoes. All forms of vodka, irrespective of the key ingredient from which it is derived has to pass through several distillation and filtration processes to empower it with extraordinary character and vodka made from potatoes is no exception.

Since potato vodka as well as other vodkas are usually neutral by nature although they do pack quite a lot of vodka proof strength, you might not notice a huge difference in flavor when you drink vodka derived from various ingredients. Many vodka brands are also infused with subtle spices to provide a unique twist to their own brand of vodka although a vodka expert could certainly differentiate between vodkas made from various sources with the very first whiff and sip.

The neutral taste of vodka extracted from potatoes thus makes it an excellent mixer that can be used to create delicious vodka recipes and you can create a wonderful martini vodka or vodka mojito based on the brand of potato based vodka that you infuse in that vodka recipe. Wheat based vodka is slowly turning into slightly expensive vodka due to the rising prices of wheat all across the globe. Several brands of vodka derived from potatoes also fall into the premium vodka category. For example, while russian standard vodka is a premium brand derived from wheat, chopin is premium vodka that is derived from potatoes. You can easily use the internet to locate some of the best brands of vodkas derived from potatoes and order them from vodka online stores so as to get those drinks delivered to your own home.

You can have a lot of fun in trying out vodkas derived from several ingredients including potatoes even as you try to headily decipher the flavor and character of that vodka. You can also use vodka made from potatoes to create your own version of flavored vodka that will truly be appreciated by parched throats of your close friends when they visit your home. However, you might have a tough time in deciding your favorite vodka based simply on vodka reviews since there are avid vodka fans for each ingredient that simply claim that vodka extracted from their favorite ingredient is indeed the best vodka on the globe.

Your quest for strong and silky smooth vodka should certainly lead you towards some of the best vodkas that have been distilled using potatoes as the base ingredient. These starchy vodkas do possess a delightfully strong and smooth character that will surely turn you into a lifelong vodka fan. You too can certainly savor the wonderful flavor of potato vodka even as you have fun in debating with your loved ones as to which vodka provides the best flavor and buzz to your senses.