Take your taste buds on an icy expedition with ursus vodka

You will truly be able to explore the wonderful world of vodka when you sip on vodka produced in various regions of the globe and you can surely take your taste buds on an icy expedition with ursus vodka. This wonderful and smooth vodka is produced in the town of Hoorn in the Netherlands and is brought to select countries by alcohol giant Diageo.

The word ursus translates into Polar Bear and the original recipe for this wonderful vodka is more than a century old. However, this triple distilled vodka is offered in modern bottles in plain as well as flavored form. You can choose from Ursus Original Vodka as well as flavored vodka that is available in 3 exciting flavors such as Fruit Punch, Green Apple, and Blue Raspberry. You can certainly enjoy the original version right out of the bottle or can sip on it on the rocks with your close friends. All vodkas offered by ursus are extremely affordable thus making this delicious vodka light on your pocket as well as on your senses too.

This smooth and strong vodka is offered in 750 ml and 1 Liter bottles and each flavor also sports an eye-catching color. A unique aspect of each vodka bottle is that its label changes color from white to blue once the bottle has been chilled down to that perfect temperature. You thus have visual confirmation that your chosen ursus vodka is indeed ready to be sipped or immersed into an equally exciting vodka recipe such as martini vodka or even vodka mojito. In fact, this smooth vodka makes for an excellent mixer that can by used to create delicious and colorful vodka cocktails that can turn any party into a lively one with the first few sips.

Another variant of ursus vodka that will truly please your taste buds is Ursus Roter that is their vodka blended with juicy red sloe berries. The resultant drink can be sipped right out of a chilled bottle or can easily be mixed with other juices to create unique vodka recipes that will pleasantly puzzle any palate that lays their tongue on this red vodka drink. Vodka anyway has fewer vodka calories as compared to other heavier alcoholic beverages and is thus the favorite drink of gents as well as ladies alike. Since vodka is also neutral in flavor, especially the original variant, it is also an excellent mixer that can certainly enhance the flavor of any resultant vodka drink recipe to turn it into a lip-smacking one.

Just as most other vodka brands, Ursus also produces vodka with 40 percent alcohol strength or 80 vodka proof levels. The resultant drink is silky smooth with a slight hint of lemon and salt, especially the Original ursus variant. This provides the right amount of smoothness and a subtle punch to your senses that truly needs to be experienced to be believed. The inclusion of Diageo simply fortifies the fact that this vodka is truly distilled by experts from The Netherlands.

Your quest for premium vodka that can be purchased at a very affordable rate should lead you to a wonderful vodka brand from The Netherlands that is slowly spreading its bottles throughout the globe. You can certainly take your taste buds on an icy expedition with ursus vodka and also share this smooth and icy experience with your close friends and family.