Allow your taste buds to experience the best with chopin vodka

If you truly want to taste one of the best vodkas to flow out of Poland then you should allow your taste buds to experience the best with chopin vodka. This earthy vodka with a slight hint of vanilla and green apple will surely please your nostrils, throat, and senses at the same time.

Although Chopin was introduced in Poland in 1992, it quickly pleased the taste buds of local people and its popularity soon spread beyond the country’s borders. The company gained a strong reputation with its smooth potato vodka that has been followed by rye vodka. Chopin attributes it wonderful vodka to the fact that it uses top quality potatoes that are grown naturally without the use of pesticides or chemicals and are also rich in starch content since they are harvested very late during the harvesting season. The result is outstanding vodka with a rich character that has won gold medals as well as double gold medals during various world competitions in Chicago and San Francisco.

Another reason for the heavenly taste accorded to chopin vodka is the use of artesian well water that is sourced from the company’s property. The company also uses traditional copper stills for distilling and the distillation process is repeated four times to reward you with strong yet creamy and silky smooth vodka that possesses an unforgettable character. After perfecting the process of making the best vodka out of potatoes, the company has now started exporting vodka made out of rye to further please your eager taste buds. This lightly spiced vodka is medium bodied along with a subtle aroma of rye. Again, no chemicals have been used to grow the rye and the result is smooth premium vodka that will truly be relished by your taste buds with each sip.

If you do visit Poland then you can also visit the famous Chopin distillery to actually take a look at where the magic of transforming potatoes or rye into delicious vodka liquor takes place. The vodka is distilled and bottled in attractive 750ml long vodka bottles that are available with a black or red cap depending on whether you wish to buy potato or rye chopin vodka. The name Chopin itself is a tribute to the famous composer of Poland, Frederic Chopin, while each bottle also bears the signature of the company’s master distiller, Waldemar Durakiewics.

If you find it physically and mentally tiring to travel to liquor stores to buy this premium brand of vodka then a better and more convenient option is to use the internet to browse through select vodka online stores. You can now compare prices and shop on a 24/7 basis while also ensuring that the vodka that you order gets delivered to your home. You can certainly enjoy chopin on the rocks or also blend this premium vodka into several vodka recipes. Although Chopin is considered as expensive vodka, the very first sip will convince you that this is indeed money spent very wisely.

While there are several brands of vodka trying to project themselves as the best vodkas around the globe, Chopin has been silently making inroads into the hearts of their patrons through their taste buds. One sip of their heavenly potato or rye vodka consumed straight or blended in various vodka drink recipes will convince you that chopin vodka is indeed one of the best vodkas to touch your taste buds.