Enjoy premium vodka made the traditional way with ketel one vodka

As you explore the wonderful facets of vodka, one brand name should certainly form part of your collection since you truly need to enjoy premium vodka made the traditional way with ketel one vodka. This wonderful spirit flows out of a traditional distillery in Holland or the Netherlands and will instantly capture your palate and your senses with the very first sip.

This smooth and crisp tasting vodka is made by Nolet Distillery that is situated in Schiedam, Holland that has been making vodka for its discerning clients since way back in 1691. This strong vodka with an alcohol strength of 40 percent is still made the traditional way in small batches that are distilled in copper stills. Ketel 1 as it is also called is made using wheat as its main ingredient along with water. The distillery uses charcoal to filter the distilled product before it is bottled in attractive bottles and dispatched to vodka markets all around the globe.

This particular vodka was introduced in 1983 by Nolet that is now part of the Diageo Group and has since then managed to acquire a huge fan following due to the smooth and crisp character of their various vodka variants under the ketel one brand name. This has been possible due to the experience as well as expertise of the distillers as well as the use of traditional methods and equipment used in distilling one of the best vodkas on the globe. You too should not miss out on experiencing the wonderful flavor of this silky smooth vodka that is available in different variants.

You can start your Ketel journey by opting for their plain vodka that offers a clean and smooth taste to truly please your taste buds. You can also infuse this versatile vodka in various vodka recipes and can surely concoct up an excellent martini vodka or long vodka by using this delightful plain vodka. This wonderful vodka also has different variants such as Citroen Vodka that is citrus flavored vodka that can simply be poured on ice cubes and enjoyed right out of the bottle. You can also opt for their Orange Vodka version that contains orange essence in natural form from mandarins of Italy as well as Valencia’s imported from Brazil and Florida.

While the plain premium vodka from ketel one is available in 750 ml bottles, you can certainly opt for their 1.75 liter bottles that are available under their flavored versions. You can now serve this flavored vodka directly to your guests at any party that you organize in your home for instant appreciation or try out your hand at bartending by infusing this smooth vodka in several cocktails to serve up one stunning vodka recipe after the other. Your reputation too will get enhanced due to the crisp vodka supplied by this traditional distillery from Holland. If you are unable to locate any variant at your neighborhood store then an easier option would be to simply order for this best vodka from chosen vodka online stores. You can compare vodka prices, browse through vodka proof levels in different types of vodka and best of all, get this delicious vodka delivered right at your home. In fact, this vodka is also good for calorie-conscious drinkers since it has lower vodka calories as compared to several other alcoholic beverages too.

Your quest to taste good quality vodka made the traditional way should certainly allow you to taste one of the best vodka brands of Holland. You can certainly enjoy premium vodka made the traditional way with ketel one vodka.