For truly outstanding vodka test the mettle of kettle one vodka

If you feel that your palate deserves to test different vodka brands so as to choose from some of the best vodka brands on the globe then for truly outstanding vodka, test the mettle of kettle one vodka. You will surely be surprised at the pleasantly sharp flavor provided by this smooth-as-silk vodka that is still prepared in the traditional way.

Ketel One is distilled in a traditional distillery by the name of Nolet, located in Schiedam in Holland that has been producing strong-yet-smooth vodka since 1691. This vodka, introduced to Holland in 1981 and the rest of the world in 2001, is made from 100 percent wheat as its key ingredient and prepared in small batches. The use of a traditional copper still infuses a wonderful character into this premium vodka. This spirit contains 80 vodka proof levels that translates into 40 percent alcohol strength by volume. If you want to experience much more than plain vodka then this brand also offers flavored vodka that can provide a wonderful buzz to your taste buds as well as your senses at the same time.

If you are a fan of some of the best vodkas on the globe that have flavors infused within them at the bottling stage itself then you can opt for kettle one Citroen Vodka that is subtly infused with citrus flavor. You can simply pour out this flavored vodka right out of the bottle and drink it on the rocks to truly appreciate its zingy flavor. Another kettle variant that also provides a wonderful fruity flavor is their Orange Vodka that has natural essences from Valencia’s sourced from as far away as Brazil and even Florida along with mandarins sourced from Italy. You can choose these 2 flavors in smaller bottles of 750 ml or can opt for their party bottle that contains 1.75 liters of pure flavored fun.

However, if you want to experience one of the finest vodkas from Holland in plain form then you should certainly open a bottle of kettle one plain vodka that is premium vodka packed in attractive 750 ml bottles. This plain vodka has a flowery flavor that will truly surprise and please your taste buds as soon as they come in contact with this smooth-flowing spirit. Since vodka is anyway neutral by nature, you can also use this plain vodka in several vodka recipes including vodka martinis and other cocktails to truly please your taste buds. In fact, you can create your own vodka recipe by blending in various fruits, fruit juices, coffees, espressos, chocolates, or even other liqueurs to invent an entirely new vodka drink that will puzzle and please the palates of your loved ones even as they have a lot of fun in guessing the various ingredients used in your recipe.

While kettle 1 is usually available in most vodka markets around the globe, you can easily opt to buy this wonderfully smooth vodka from vodka online stores that can help you get a better deal on each variant while also delivering your chosen bottles to your home. All you need to do now is to get a few friends together to whip up delightful flavored vodka drinks or can simply sip on this silky smooth premium vodka straight from the bottle.

If you want to try out genuine vodka distilled through traditional copper stills then you now have a chance to sip on extremely smooth yet crisp vodka from Nolet Distillery that has now become a part of the famous Diageo Group. If you truly want your palate to test a vodka that has stood the test of time then you should certainly allow your palate to experience the rich and smooth character of kettle one vodka.