Prestige Turbo Yeast – What Makes This Yeast So Good?

Answer: Turbo Yeast stands out with superior fermentation capacity, reduced volatiles and odour production, excellent temperature tolerance and osmotic tolerance, as well as rapid alcohol fermentation under controlled conditions – reaching 14% to 20% alcohol yield!

What sets this yeast apart is its strain and combination of nutrients, which promote vigorous fermentation and high yields under appropriate conditions. Thanks to its superior osmotic and temperature tolerance, this yeast can be directly added to sugar solutions without pre-soaking – thus avoiding the potential osmotic shock caused when water concentration differs more than several points from yeast cell concentration differences.

Turbo Yeast contains an enzyme known as amylo-glucosidase that converts starch to fermentable sugar, an essential step for efficient fermentation of pure sugar/water solutions. If you are working with other types of sugar or materials such as molasses, an alternative yeast pack should be chosen instead.

This turbo yeast is designed as a “high density” version, meaning that it’s designed to ferment higher alcohol levels quickly in less time than its traditional counterparts. Fermentation time should take only 3 days; producing up to 14% alcohol, using 6 kg of sugar as needed – or under more controlled circumstances up to 20+% with 9kg required!