How Long Does Prestige Turbo Yeast Last?

how long does Prestige Turbo Yeast last

Answering this question depends on several variables, such as the type of Turbo yeast you use, fermentation temperature and how much sugar has been added. When adding Turbo yeast to a solution it’s important that all sugar has dissolved fully before adding Turbo yeast; otherwise fermentation may stall or even stop altogether.

Additionally, using high-quality ingredients and maintaining an ideal water temperature when beginning fermentation are both key elements to ensure rapid and uninterrupted fermentation. Utilizing a thermometer is also key, as Turbo yeast produces plenty of heat during its fermentation process that could potentially elevate liquid temperatures by several degrees higher than air temperatures at its location of fermentation.

The Black Label Turbo yeast is an ideal choice for high alcohol production, featuring excellent temperature tolerance and producing up to 17% in 5 days. As its instructions differ slightly from others turbo yeasts, this one should be stirred directly into sugar solution instead of being presoaked – this prevents its cells from expanding too rapidly, leading them to rupture or die prematurely.

Prestige Turbo Yeast For Moonshine and Vodka

Prestige Turbo Yeast and comparison

If you’re trying to craft vodka or moonshine from scratch, turbo yeast should not be your first choice. While it will likely work, without distillation your ferment will only result in strong dry sugar wine – and vodka requires higher temperatures to separate its chemical components and create its distinctive taste.

If you’re crafting vodka-type spirits, use either specialized brewing yeast or better still high alcohol grain yeast. Both have been designed to handle high alcohol fermentation processes and will produce much superior products than regular baker’s yeast found in shops.

High alcohol yeast differs from regular bakers yeast in that it produces far fewer volatiles and is extremely temperature and osmotic pressure tolerant – making it suitable for a wider range of mashes than standard yeast.

Ethanol TT yeast, more commonly referred to as distillers yeast, is one of the most popular of these types. This blend combines an alcohol tolerant yeast strain with an optimized nutrient mix designed for quick fermentations with high alcohol yield and minimal off-flavors and fusels production for clean results with minimal off-flavors and fusels production.

In order to use Ethanol TT yeast effectively, dissolve 6 kg of sugar in 8 liters (2 US gallons) of hot water before adding one sachet of turbo yeast and stirring in. Allow fermentation at 20-30degC air temperature.