Drinking everclear grain alcohol can quickly raise your spirits

If you wish that you could get an instant buzz after drinking an alcoholic beverage that does not change the taste of other non-alcoholic drinks blended along with it then drinking everclear grain alcohol can quickly raise your spirits. This potent alcohol has some of the highest proof levels that you would have ever seen printed on any vodka bottle and just a few sips of this heady liquid will reward you with a strong punch to your brain.

Everclear is extremely potent vodka distilled to perfection by Luxco, an American company that was previously known as The David Sherman Company. This potent alcohol does have the bang equivalent to a Sherman Tank since it is available in only two variants that sport mind-boggling 151 proof or 190 proof levels. This translates to a choice between 75.5 percent or 95 percent alcoholic strength in each 750 ml bottle of Everclear. These levels make milder alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine look like plain water in comparison.

If you feel that your body and mind can handle stronger vodka then you should certainly try out everclear grain vodka since this alcohol is a totally clear liquid devoid of any flavor or aroma. This vodka is thus totally suitable to be mixed into various fruit punches, iced teas, energy drinks, etc without changing the taste of those drinks. Just a few ounces of everclear grain alcohol into any drink of your choice will however, rush right to your brain and quickly raise your spirits. Many countries have banned this drink due to the ridiculously high proof levels and you too should check if it is legal to purchase and consume this strong alcohol in your state if you plan to buy from a regular liquor store or an online one.

If you are an avid alcohol enthusiast that also loves making your own vodka with your home distillery kit then you might be wondering as to how vodka can be made much stronger than ever. The trick is to keep on distilling your ethanol and also to ensure that your ethanol is extremely strong in the first place. This can be achieved by replacing your ordinary vodka yeast that might not be able to survive with a rise in ethanol or alcohol strength, with turbo yeast, which is hardy yeast from the saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast family.

Turbo yeast is fortified with micro nutrients such as vital vitamins, enzymes, minerals and amino-acids that provide it with extremely high alcohol tolerance levels. In addition, this yeast can also tolerate high ethanol fermentation temperatures so as to reward you with pure and strong ethanol that can then be further strengthened with repeated distillation. You too can now enjoy drinking strong vodka made right at home even as you enjoy drinking everclear by ordering this strong alcohol from online stores so as to get it delivered right at your doorstep.

If you truly love your alcoholic beverages and are especially partial to strong vodkas then you should surely try sipping on one of the strongest vodka brands on this planet. Your mind and body is sure to get an instant buzz even before your palate is able to decipher the strong yet smooth punch of this wonderful drink that simply enhances the taste of other ingredients in your glass. Drinking everclear grain alcohol can indeed quickly raise your spirits while instantly pleasing your taste buds too.