Sip on everclear grain vodka for that instant buzz

If you have tried out various types of alcoholic beverages and want to try out an extremely strong alcoholic drink that will make you go weak in the knees if you consume it right out of the bottle then you can sip on everclear grain vodka for that instant buzz. This high-strength alcohol is one of the most potent forms of vodka and is best consumed after blending it with various other non-alcoholic ingredients.

Everclear is produced by Luxco that was previously known as The David Sherman Company. This strong vodka is available as a clear liquid with hardly any aroma and this neutral taste makes it ideal for blending it with fruit juices, energy drinks, iced tea, etc to concoct up an exciting new beverage with a strong buzz. This clear grain alcohol is available in 151 and 190 proof levels that translate into staggering alcohol strength of 75.5 and 90 percent, which in turn makes this vodka one of the strongest in the world.

The extremely high alcoholic content of everclear grain alcohol makes it illegal to be sold in several countries and states. If you plan to taste this wonderful vodka by blending it with various other drinks then you will first need to inquire if it is legal to consume this fiery drink in your state. You can also visit select online stores that stock up on this brand although you will certainly need to make sure that you are not breaking local or federal laws by ordering this mysterious alcohol drink right to your doorstep.

Everclear is available in 750ml bottles and you will normally need to add just a couple of ounces to your favorite fruit punch to turn it into a potent drink capable of lifting your spirits with the very first sip. If you do not want to alter the original taste of your iced tea, fruit punch or any other drink but still want to experience a wonderful high quite quickly then everclear grain alcohol might suit your intentions perfectly. If you are a vodka enthusiast that wants to know more about vodka then you should understand as to how this potent drink is made before it is bottled and served to you.

Vodka is a strong spirit that made when a mixture of water along with grains or potatoes is brewed, fermented and distilled repeatedly to achieve high alcohol strength. Various additives are added to the ethanol or alcohol that is produced after ethanol fermentation and distillation. Since vodka is extremely strong, ordinary yeast cannot be used since the yeast could die if the alcohol strength rises during sugar fermentation. Thus, most alcohol producers use special vodka yeast such as turbo yeast since this variant of the saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast is fortified with micro nutrients that give it immense temperature and alcohol tolerance capabilities. The end result is that you get purer and stronger vodka that will surely please your taste buds when it is infused with delectable flavors.

If you desire stronger vodka that is neutral in taste and can be easily blended in most other drinks to provide an instant and solid buzz after a few sips then you should certainly purchase a bottle of 151 or 190 proof everclear. You and your loved ones can now sip on everclear grain vodka for that instant buzz after you mix it with your favorite drink to change the very nature of that drink without changing its flavor.