Enjoy popov vodka if you are in search of a strong and affordable drink

A bottle of vodka does not always necessitate emptying out your wallet and you can surely enjoy popov vodka if you are in search of a strong and affordable drink. This vodka is a product of the Diageo stable that also makes several other premium brands of vodka such as Smirnoff, Ketel One, and Ciroc, amongst many other brands in other alcoholic beverages and liqueurs.

Popov is available in 750ml, 1 liter, and large 1.75 liter clear plastic bottles, and is distilled from grain before being filtered through charcoal. This vodka is available at 80 vodka proof levels as well as 100 proof levels that makes it quite potent on your palate as well as on your stomach. If you are new to the world of vodka then you should definitely include Popov in various vodka recipes in smaller quantities until you get used to its palate-punching ability. You might or might not like to drink this vodka liquor straight up or even on the rocks since it is quite strong on the taste front although it provides excellent flavor in various vodka cocktails, martinis, and mojitos.

Your very first sip on popov vodka might remind you of a fruit flavor with a strong and sweet aftertaste. Popov is certainly not expensive vodka since it costs hardly around 10 US Dollars for a 1 liter bottle, which is around a third of what it would cost you to buy any premium vodka such as russian standard vodka. Again, if you want to give a vodka gift to a loved one without spending a lot of money then Popov will certainly fit the bill. This brand has a very strong presence in the US market and is preferred mainly due to its low rates. However, the reputation of Diageo ensures that you can comfortably savor this potent vodka by transforming it into flavored vodka to maintain a balance between strength and flavor.

While you will certainly find popov vodka in most liquor stores, you can also try scouting the internet to find better deals. Many vodka online stores offer high discounts if you buy this heady vodka in larger quantities and you can certainly save around 30 percent if you order for around 12 bottles at a time. In addition, you can save precious time and money that would have been wasted in traveling to various vodka stores since your online order will ensure that your vodka bottles arrive right at your doorstep.

You can also download several vodka recipes that can be infused with popov to turn them into delicious flavored drinks. You can add fruit pieces, fruit juices, coffees, and various other ingredients to create your own unique popov recipe that could also be served to good friends that can handle a heady vodka drink without any problems. A few sips on this vodka will provide a wonderful heady buzz that might or might not turn into a hangover depending on your mental and physical constitution.

If you love slightly stronger vodka that provides a pleasurable punch to your senses then you will surely fall in heady love with Popov. This strong yet reasonably smooth vodka brand is now owned by liquor giant Diageo and you can surely enjoy sipping on popov vodka provided you blend it with your favorite ingredients to turn it into delicious flavored vodka.