Enjoy various alcoholic beverages by making moonshine at home

If you are an avid and adventurous fan of strong alcoholic drinks then you can enjoy various alcoholic beverages by making moonshine at home. The entire process including the equipment required is extremely simple and easy, and you can quickly share the end products with your loved ones.

Moonshine alcohols and spirits usually include delicious drinks such as whiskey, vodka, rum and brandy among several others. You will need to procure your key ingredients based on the potent alcohol that you plan to make at home. You will also need a moonshine still to make your heady drink although you can also purchase readymade kits from several stores including online ones. However, before you get your domestic alcohol plant into production mode, you will need to check if it is perfectly legal to produce high strength alcohols and spirits in your state and country. Once you have studied and complied with all applicable brewing and distilling laws then you can start making moonshine from the comfort of your home, garage or backyard.

You will first need to assemble a brewing and distilling kit that includes a fermenting bucket, an airlock, copper pot for distilling along with a temperature gauge, flexible copper pipe, ice bucket, a gas or electric stove, and a collector vessel to collect the final product. You will firstly need to make a mash containing water and sugar with your chosen grain, vegetable or fruit and sugar depending on the final alcohol that you propose to produce in your still. If you plan to make vodka then you will require wheat or potatoes that will need to be mixed with water and sugar, and then boiled before cooling it down so as to get the mixture or mash ready for the vodka fermentation process.

However, excellent vodka yeast such as turbo yeast is mandatory if you wish to achieve optimum alcoholic fermentation even if the temperature rises to higher levels during the yeast fermentation process. The result will be stronger and purer ethanol or alcohol that will considerably lower your efforts during the distillation process. Your fermented alcohol will now need to be poured into your copper pot and heated by electric or gas stove to around 175 degrees Fahrenheit to enable the ethanol to vaporize and travel down the flexible copper tube that you would need to attach to the mouth of the copper pot.

Upon cooling the copper pipe at the other end with the help of an ice bucket, you will notice concentrated ethanol turning back into liquid and dripping into the collector vessel that you would need to place at the other end of the pipe. Repeated distillation of the ethanol along with discarding the start and end runs of the condensed ethanol will reward you with strong vodka with a smooth finish and excellent character thanks to the use of turbo yeast in the initial stages of the yeast ethanol fermentation process itself.

You can now try out various variants of vodka by adding different flavors such as lemon, orange, raspberry, etc to create your own homemade signature drink that can quickly become a hit at any party that you throw for your close friends. You can truly enjoy various alcoholic beverages by making moonshine at home and exhibiting your distilling skills before your loved ones.