Knowing how to make vodka at home can help you attain high spirits

If vodka is your favorite spirit amongst all alcoholic beverages and if you wish to create your own signature vodka drink right at home then knowing how to make vodka at home can help you attain high spirits. Vodka is a very strong spirit that requires careful fermentation and distillation, but the tingling rewards can truly please your senses.

You can make strong and smooth vodka by mixing water with sugar and with various ingredients such as potatoes, rye, sugar beet, wheat or even molasses. You will need a fermenting kit as well as a distilling kit that can be placed in your home, backyard or garage so that you can churn out batch after batch of this heady spirit. Once you establish the fact that it is legal to make vodka in your country and state then you can start out by mixing water with your chosen ingredients. This mixture will contain high starch that will need to be converted into sugars by heating your mixture and allowing it to cool down. Once your mash is ready then you will need to add vodka yeast to convert most natural sugars present in the mash into fermented ethanol or alcohol.

Instead of using ordinary yeast, you should use a hardy strain of the saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast that is available in select online stores under the name of turbo yeast. This fortified yeast contains micro nutrients to boost its alcohol tolerance and temperature tolerance capabilities and you can now derive strong ethanol even from a weaker mash. Once sugar fermentation is completed in your vessel fitted with an airlock then you will need to start the distillation process. In the next step on how to make vodka, you will need to ensure complete safety since high heat and volatile liquids are involved before you can pour out vodka in your glasses.

After the alcoholic fermentation is finished then your mixture will need to be heated in an enclosed copper or stainless steel pot fitted with a long copper tube that leads away from that vessel. Once you heat up your fermented vodka ingredients through gas or electric heating then the alcohol will vaporize before water and vapors will enter the copper tube that will need to be cooled down a little distance away from your distilling pot. This can be done by cooling the coiled copper pipe with cold water or ice.

This will cause the vaporized alcohol to condense and fall out of the other end of the copper tube in the form of droplets that can be collected in a collection vessel. You will need to keep on repeating this distillation process until you get the desired vodka with that perfect strength and character. You can then filter the resultant vodka by using a charcoal filter and can also add flavors such as lime, lemon, orange, etc to provide a unique twist to your homemade vodka.

Your favorite spirit will only be a hit with your palate and your close friends if you have perfect fermentation of sugar in your mash in the first place. This can be possible only with the infusion of pure and hardy dried yeast such as turbo yeast. Your distillation process should also be conducted at the right temperature to ensure perfect vaporization and condensation. Knowing how to make vodka at home can certainly help you attain high spirits as you happily clink glasses with your friends while sipping on your homemade vodka creations.