To enjoy distilled drinks learn on how to make a moonshine still

If you truly want to enjoy alcoholic beverages in an extremely cost-effective manner while creating your own signature drinks then to enjoy distilled drinks learn on how to make a moonshine still. It is quite easy to make your own still provided you follow all instructions properly and enforce all safety measures without any compromise.

Before plan to get into high spirits right at home, it would be better if you check your country and state laws for distilling alcoholic drinks in your home, garage, or backyard. If you need a license to operate your moonshine still then it would be advisable to get it before you start producing your own alcohols and spirits. You are sure to find several companies offering readymade domestic distilling kits for home use but if you have decent plumbing skills then you can surely make your own distilling still right at home at a fraction of the rate of readymade ones.

If you plan to produce strong alcohols for a long time then it would be better to spend a little more money and opt for high quality stainless steel or copper components including vital pots for your still. You should start out with a fermenting pot that could be any vessel with a small mouth over which an airlock could bet fitted. You can now ferment your basic mixture of water and sugar with grains or potatoes or any other ingredients that you wish to use to make your whiskey, vodka, or other distilled drink.

You should also ensure that instead of using ordinary vodka yeast for ethanol fermentation that could leave you with a weak mash or mixture, you opt for hardy yeast such as turbo yeast. This yeast is fortified with several micro nutrients that enable it to produce stronger ethanol while ensuring optimum sugar fermentation too. Your next step on how to make a moonshine still would be to actually construct a safe and efficient still to distill your ethanol. You will require a heat source like an electric or gas stove that can heat your ethanol to around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. You will also need copper tubing to collect the vapors as they escape from the heated ethanol.

You will need to attach your copper tube to the top of your heating bowl so as to collect the vapors of your ethanol or alcohol while also passing the tube through a cooling source such as cold water or ice. This will convert the vapor back into liquid form that can then be collected by allowing the strong alcohol to drip into a collection bowl attached to the other end of the copper tube. You should take all precautions to ensure that no naked flame or heat is directly applied to the fermented ethanol while your final product too is collected at distance from your heat source. Once your strong whiskey or vodka is ready then you can add suitable flavoring if you desire while also filtering your collected liquid before testing it so that you can finally consume it with your close friends.

It is quite easy to make your own drinking alcohol at home provided you learn quickly and avoid haste in creating your desired drinks. Once you learn on how to make a moonshine still at home then you can try making a few batches before you actually commence production of your favorite moonshine.