Enjoy the strong and smooth buzz of 100 vodka

If you are an avid vodka fan that loves to try out various types of vodka brands with varying proof or strength levels then you will certainly enjoy the strong and smooth buzz of 100 vodka. This vodka is available with 100 proof level or with 50 percent alcohol strength that is sure to please your tongue while giving you that heady feeling at the same time too.

Traditional vodka liquor is usually available at 80 proof levels and you can truly have a fun time in trying out various brands of vodka that each has a unique attribute, which in turn is sure to make your taste buds remember each brand for a very long time. However, once you have explored the traditional world of vodka then you should also try to take the next step in experiencing stronger vodka that usually falls into the premium category to experience a rich, strong, and smooth flavor that will quickly please your senses. You can choose from some of the best vodkas while searching for the best 100 vodka variant since a few select brands do produce this strong version. If you are in doubt then you can easily move over to the internet and read various vodka reviews that will provide you with vital information on the experiences of other vodka drinkers.

One well-known brand that offers this vodka is Absolut that has come up with the Absolut 100 Vodka. This premium vodka has a luxuriously smooth and velvety character that is sure to captivate your tongue with the very first sip. You will also fall in love with the black vodka bottle in which this premium liquid is presented. This vodka is made from the best quality wheat along with water. The wheat used is not exposed to very harsh fertilizers although it is a tough variant of wheat that has survived harsh winters. The result is truly exquisite vodka with a premium texture that can be sipped on straight or even be blended in various vodka recipes including being transformed into delicious martini vodka.

Another famous brand that also offers 100 vodka is Smirnoff with its Smirnoff Vodka 100 variant. This bold spirit provides a smoky and spicy flavor that will truly surprise your taste buds while its smooth texture massages your throat as it slides down towards your eager stomach. The company also offers a Blue variant that is slightly stronger and a Black variant that falls into the premium category. You can try out all these variants either straight up or infuse them in delicious vodka drink recipes so as to get the fun of flavored vodka in a premium manner. You should certainly enjoy this strong variant of vodka with your close friends so as to share your own experiences with them.

Since most variants of 100 vodka do fall into the premium category it would certainly make more sense to check out vodka prices by visiting select online vodka stores. You will not only be able to shop at your own convenience but will also be able to compare various brands and prices before placing an online order that will dispatch the desired brand right at your doorstep.

Vodka is an excellent drink that will surely caress your senses with each pleasurable sip. However, instead of remaining bound by traditional vodka with low alcohol strength you can expand your horizons by seeking out stronger vodka that can be easily ordered online when you seek out reputed vodka online stores. You will certainly be able to appreciate the strong and smooth character of 100 vodka every time your lips meet this silky vodka.