Chill out in true style with polar ice vodka

Your desire to try out some of the best vodkas flowing around the globe can surely turn true when you chill out in true style with polar ice vodka. This Canadian vodka is available in plain and flavored versions that will truly get you smiling like a contented polar bear right after the first few sips.

Polar Ice is the creation of Corby Distilleries Limited of Canada and is the largest selling brand of vodka in Canada. There are several reasons that should compel you to try this premium vodka. This vodka is not only distilled 4 times but also filtered 3 times to deliver totally pure, strong, and smooth vodka that will certainly feel like heavenly music to your palate. Polar Ice is bottled at 40 percent alcohol strength or 80 vodka proof that should provide you with a pleasantly heady buzz provided you enjoy this silky smooth vodka in a responsible manner.

You too should surely try out polar ice vodka that has won double gold medals in international competitions. You can start out by sipping on Polar Ice in its original form that is simply known as Polar Ice. This vodka provides a nutty and creamy flavor and will instantly please your palate due to its unique and strong character. If you love medium bodied vodka then this variant will certainly go down well with your senses. You can also infuse this plain vodka in several vodka recipes and can also create your own vodka recipe after trying out various combinations that could involve different fruits, juices, essences, coffees, or even other liqueurs.

If you want to sample some of the best vodka in flavored form then again you can certainly try out the Polar Ice Northern Maple flavored vodka. This delicious vodka is infused with creamy Canadian Maple Syrup that delivers a smooth and sweet vodka rich in maple flavor that will truly ignite your senses. Another wonderful flavor is their Artic Berry vodka that releases the flavor of fresh berries the minute it touches your tongue. You can either sip on these flavored beauties right out of the bottle or can also blend these vodkas in various cocktails to provide an interesting twist to those recipes.

If you have trouble in locating polar ice vodka in your city then there are reliable vodka online stores that also sell these crisp and smooth vodkas. You can easily compare vodka prices between different vodka stores as well as visit several blogs that have vodka reviews of Polar Ice before you place your online order and receive your vodka right at your home. While there are several other brands of best vodkas such as russian standard vodka amongst others, this Canadian vodka has certainly held its own by offering top quality vodkas that have been distilled, filtered, and even flavored to perfection.

Your quest to try out the best brands of vodka from all around the globe should certainly lead you towards Canada where different variants of Polar Ice are simply waiting to get poured into your vodka glass. Your taste buds are sure to receive a pleasant surprise even as your senses experience a heady buzz when you chill out in true style with polar ice vodka with your close friends.